Are you ready to stop “managing” students and learn tools for effective classroom leadership? Are you looking for a social emotional learning program that is woven into and consistent with your discipline program?  Are you looking for ways to build a structure of trust and respect among school staff? Positive Discipline can help!

Hundreds of schools also use these amazingly effective strategies for restoring order and civility to today’s turbulent classrooms. Now you too can use this philosophy as a foundation for fostering cooperation, problem-solving skills, and mutual respect in children. Imagine, instead of controlling behavior, you can be teaching; instead of confronting apathy, you will enjoy motivated, eager students! You’ll discover how to:

    • Create a classroom climate that enhances academic learning.
    • Use encouragement rather than praise and rewards.
    • Instill valuable social skills and positive behavior through the use of class meetings.
    • Understand the motivation behind students’ behavior instead of looking for causes.
    • And much more!

⇒ Certification Workshop ⇐

Positive Discipline in the Classroom 2-day Workshop

Participants will become Certified Classroom Educators in positive discipline. This interactive workshop is designed for teachers, counselors, school staff and administrators who want an effective discipline approach that integrates social and emotional learning, while reducing challenging student behaviors.  Attendees will develop a large teaching toolbox of kind and firm discipline approaches, and be establish explicit classroom structures and procedures.  They will learn how to create an equitable classroom community based on mutual respect, and how to facilitate effective class meetings teaching social skills and problem solving.  They will understand the motivation behind students’ misbehavior, and how to encourage positive change.

Facilitator: Carol Dores

Date: March 29 – March 30, 9-5pm

Location: Stamford, CT – Marriott Hotel, 243 Tresser Boulevard

Cost: $375 early registration, available until March 1, 2019. $425 regular registration. Four (4) or more registering together take $50 off the fee. Limit 30. Preregistration required.

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⇒ Special Class ⇐

Building Resiliency: Working with Students Exposed to Trauma

Do your students over react to small things?
Do they struggle to regulate emotion?
Do they act younger than their age?

Many students have been exposed to trauma and as a result have difficulties in school.

    • What trauma and insecure attachment do to growing brains.
    • To lead a classroom to benefit all students – including those exposed to trauma.
    • To teach students why their brain sometimes “won’t cooperate”, and what to do about it.
    • To use strengths-based plans to foster learning for students exposed to trauma.

Preregistration required.

Staff from the following schools have had some Positive Discipline training:

Bi-Cultural Day School, Stamford
Brookfield High School
Center Elementary School, Brookfield
Christian Life Academy, Brookfield
Cottage Street school readiness, Danbury
Gan Yeladim Early Childhood Center
Goddard School, Danbury & Brookfield
Headstart, Danbury
Huckleberry Hill Elementary School, Brookfield
Hudson Montessori, New Rochelle
King Street School, Danbury
Prince of Peace, Brookfield
Roxbury Elementary School, Stamford
South Street Elementary School, Danbury
Stadley Rough Elementary School, Danbury
Whisconier Middle School, Brookfield
Wooster School, Danbury
YMCA, Wilton and Bethel

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