Positive Discipline in the Classroom Testimonials

What people who have learned about and/or used Positive Discipline in the Classroom with us are saying….

“Thank you again for the amazing workshop Friday! Our staff is re-energized and ready to approach things from a new direction which is exactly on point with what we were hoping.”

Rebecca McCuller
Director of Education
Hudson Country Montessori School, New Rochelle, NY


“Positive Discipline is a gift for teachers and students. We know every classroom needs guidelines.  Students who take an active role in creating the guidelines help build their positive, respectful classroom community. If you want to hear your students compliment each other, watch them problem solve, and help nurture a cooperative community, then gift yourself with Positive Discipline!”

Becky Iwasaki, First Grade Teacher, South Street School, Danbury, CT


“I strongly believe that Positive Discipline made a huge difference in our work at Camp.  You set the tone and helped counselors understand the kindness and respect with which we expected campers to be treated.  European staff (of which our staff was made up of about 50%) especially need to be acculturated into this way of work, so your workshop immediately gave them tools to use.”

Brooke, Camp Director