A Message from our Founder

Hearing the Dalai Lama speak in the Fall of 2012 was a life-changing experience, and the beginning of a new journey.   Hatred and anger come from not loving ourselves.  We have to begin by loving ourselves, which will enable us to show compassion and kindness to others.  The tragedy of 12/14/12 drove me to want to help those that do not love themselves, and to bring kindness and compassion to our community.

Over the past year, I have heard pre-school and public school teachers talk about the current challenges of teaching, due to the substantial number of children who don’t show respect in the classroom.  They believe this is driven by a lack of discipline in homes.  I have observed and personally experienced parents who are either too lenient (kind) or too strict (firm), or parents who fluctuate between the two.

All of this led me to have a conversation with my sister Margie, who I believe is a natural parent and teacher, and is able to strike a balance between kindness and firmness in both of these roles.  She told me about this fabulous program in Seattle, Positive Discipline.  This program helps parents raise children who are respectful, responsible, and resourceful, and provides them with a sense of belonging. These philosophies are then reinforced at the schools.

After many conversations and a lot of reading, I decided I wanted to bring Positive Discipline to Connecticut in a big way.  I asked Robin Eckstein, a Danbury area parent leader and education volunteer, to join me on the journey.  Our goal:  to bring Positive Discipline to our town of Brookfield, first offering parent workshops and then training school staff – so our children are receiving a consistent message.  We then hope to bring it to surrounding towns, using our learning in Brookfield as the foundation on which to build.

I hope you will join me in helping our community become more loving and compassionate, one child at a time.

I would also like to acknowledge the following:

My husband, Bob Dores, for his support and patience
Teresa LaSala, Positive Discipline nationally certified trainer, who patiently helped us put together our first workshop and school round table
Jody McVittie, Executive Director, Sound Discipline, Seattle, who answered numerous questions
Julietta Skoog, Positive Discipline parent trainer, Seattle, the first person I connected with about Positive Discipline
Kathy Reinhardt, Executive Director, Positive Discipline Association for all the start up help
Brookfield Education Foundation, for funding our first workshop
Charlie Manos, Brookfield Public Schools, for partnering with me
Mark Eckstein, MECreative Associates, who graciously designed our logo and our marketing materials pro bono
Jennifer Scott, Website Administrator, who taught herself WordPress, to put this website together
Robin Eckstein, Laurie Matson, and Laura Koellmer, who have joined me on this journey as our start-up Board of Directors

Without you all, we would not have gotten this off the ground.

~Carol Dores


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