Once they are sleeping through the night….

By Carol Dores

Once they are walking….

Once they are dressing themselves…

Once they are in school for the whole day….

Once they are DONE with middle school…

Are you living a “once they” life? Does it feel like if we can just get through today’s challenges, things will be better, easier, happier?

My encouragement is to try to find things to feel good about today.  What are the positives in exactly who your child is right now.

When they aren’t sleeping through the night, try to find enjoyment in the peace of feeding them in the quiet of night.

When they need to be carried everywhere, try to find pleasure in the muscles you are building, and the warmth and closeness of your bodies.

When they are home all day, try to find joy in playing with trucks or dolls or 10 minutes at a time.

When they are emotional preteens or teens, remember back to when you were in their shoes, and let them know you understand how they feel, even sharing a story or two.

If you are able to be present and feel just a little bit better about each day, these positive feelings can grow.  Rediscovering the joy of being a parent can be wonderful.  As a Mom of adult sons who have flown the nest, I truly miss each and every one of these days!

Positive Discipline tools and strategies can help you find more joy in parenting. Want to learn more about Positive Discipline parenting?  Visit www.positivedisciplinect.org/parenting-classes/. There’s a class starting soon.

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