Parenting Class Testimonials

What people who have taken a Parenting Class with us are saying… 

“This class opens your mind and heart!”

“It’s a very good way to look back at the way we were brought up and to see that way we react with our kids.  There is hope.  People can change and behaviors can change.”

“I am thankful for seeing your ad on the Patch, with your introductory class being offered the following evening . It was incredible, and exactly what we needed. The 6 week course that followed has improved our family life tremendously!”

“Our family is becoming more mindful (intentional and deliberate in our words and actions) as we implement some of the positive discipline tools we’ve learned. It’s a peaceful and enjoyable way to live. It’s a challenge sometimes, and we’re nowhere near perfect at this… but the impact has already been incredible.”

“I feel every parent could use a little guidance basically so they know that they are not alone and sometimes the littlest things make a big difference.”

“Builds excellent qualities in children.”

“At first I wasn’t sure how much I would get from this class.  I quickly realized how helpful the material and lessons are and how much I still need to learn to help my whole family.”