Snow storms and family time

By Carol Dores

I remember growing up outside of Boston, we would often have snow with snow over our heads.  Snow igloos, snowball fights and sledding were so much fun!  We’d often have power outages, and the five of us would play Monopoly and other games by candlelight.  What sweet memories!

When we had our sons, we didn’t get as much snow, and power outages were uncommon.  However, we carried on the family tradition of playing endless hours of board games.  There was a few year break when they became enthralled with video games and game systems.  They are now adults, and we are all back to playing board games. We now share new games that we have discovered.  While they live hours away, we always play games when we are together.  We’ve recently discovered a new category of games that are cooperative rather than competitive, and they are bringing us closer together.  We laugh, talk and play together, bonding as a family.

Playing board games are things they also do with their friends.  We have learned together that this is a way of connecting and enjoying other people.  When I think of alternatives that exist, I am so happy that this is part of all of our tradition.

As storm Grayson bears down on us in Connecticut, I’m looking forward to playing board games with my husband.  What memories and traditions can you have with your family, to help build connections and relationships?


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