The art of calm


By Carol Dores

I have been amazed lately at how being calm can really change things.  I’ve been with children who have been really losing it. Crying, screaming, hitting, throwing furniture losing it.  I took a few deep breaths, and starting talking slowly, quietly and calmly to them, letting them know that they were okay.  They calmed down.  These are not children I know well at all.

I’ve had some quality issues with car and home repairs lately.  Again, each time, I took a deep breath, and slowly, quietly and calmly explained what the concerns were.  In both cases, the issues were addressed without anyone getting angry or upset.

I do believe there is an art to calmness.  Deep breathe, slow, quiet and calm body and voice.  And there is science behind why this works.  We have things called neurons in our brains, and our neurons respond to other people’s neurons, and mirror the behavior.  So when we go calm, other’s neurons mirror ours and go calm.  It is amazing how quickly this can work.

Remember, when others go wild, go calm.

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