The joy of family

By Carol Dores

We are away with our adult sons and their fiancé and girlfriend.  This is the first time we have done this.  Wow, is it amazing!  We are getting to know each other on a much deeper level, living in a house together for a week.  We have all shifted in to adult-adult relationships, so we are all relaxing.  We are all putting our cell phones aside, and truly being present with one another.

Our sons had never gotten along, often fighting, never friends.  It is totally different now.  They are enjoying each other’s company individually, and as couples.  The family dynamics are so much more balanced then they have ever been.

We worked hard as parents to raise good, caring people.  They are that, and so much more.  They are each responsible and respectful.  They give selflessly of themselves to us and others.

For those of you with children still living at home, the encouragement is to keep picturing what you want to see when they are adults.  Take lots of deep breaths when it is challenging.  Enjoy the joyous moments, knowing that they are likely to grow over time.

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